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Domestic advanced automatic diapers production equipment

The area of a standard workshop of more than 13000 square meters, has two advanced automatic production line automatic baby diapers, baby diapers and Lala pants of a production line, core composite machine, the annual output of more than three hundred million pieces.
  The company has a team of more than 200 people in production, research and development and sales, including nearly 50 technicians. The company regards quality as enterprise's life, and has established a complete quality monitoring system. Has passed the ISO9001:2008 standard quality system certification.

Medical hardware production environment


 Special sterilization room, to reach the 100 thousand stage purification aseptic workshop, equipped with 20 central air conditioning, to ensure that each batch of products can reach high standards and high requirements.

Advanced technology


  The introduction of international advanced science and technology, the use of imported polymers and nursing surface layer, water absorption performance than the market similar products higher than 20%, the lock water effect and softness than the market 3 times higher. The use of modern world diapers production equipment, the use of bionics principle, pro skin, breathable, dry.

Sumitomo (Japan) - strong absorption core

Dry and comfortable

  The core of “forkidcare” product has powerful urine diversion function, can make the whole product absorbed evenly, and effectively avoid the core agglomerate. Its innovative absorption core, absorb more urine can not lump, so that small ass dry day and night.
  The water in the material “core body adopts Karicare” such as Japan's “Sumitomo” foreign high-end polymer. The core structure is the three layer of the lock water, instant dry suction, the new “quick infiltration diversion surface so that absorption rate, surface dry instant and no leakage, with the unique” three lock water system “evenly absorb water, let the baby small fart more dry and comfortable.

Domestic first level supplier - cotton soft breathable bottom membrane

Quick exhaust moisture

  The “forkidcare” base film is made of cotton composite non-woven fabric. It is soft and quick to discharge moisture. It makes the baby feel comfortable after wearing it.

American 3M - comfortable stretch waist

Prevent after leakage
  “Forkidcare” elastic waist material is the use of American 3M company's polyurethane sponge, compared to other products can make infants wear more fit, and can prevent leakage of urine after the production.

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