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Brand story

Brand concept

  “Forkidcare diapers” is committed to the German quality world polymer technology, has been adhering to the “bring your baby comfortable and healthy every day” concept, focusing on infant care products, health care products to China baby and mother safe, healthy and comfortable.

Brand introduction

  “Forkidcare” is for children's products (Chinese Wyatt) Co., the company's high-end brand mother, specializing in R & D and production of diapers, personal care, nursing supplies. You have diapers, diapers, sanitary napkins into trousers, wipes, personal care products, widely favored by consumers, is the innovation and development of the field of maternal and child care industry pioneer.
  Stringent production processes, German quality. All aspects of production have corresponding disinfection and sterilization measures, special personnel responsible for the whole process of health monitoring and operation; strict implementation of the European international production standards; through a number of health and safety testing in europe.

Medical hardware environment

  Special disinfection and disinfection room: production workshop in accordance with the CM30 class dust-free workshop standards to create, 360 degrees of raw materials for sterilization, at the root to ensure high quality products.

Independent innovation technology
  The introduction of international advanced science and technology, the use of imported polymers and nursing surface layer, water absorption performance than the market similar products higher than 20%, the lock water effect and softness than the market 3 times higher. The use of modern world diapers production equipment, the use of bionics principle, pro skin, breathable, dry.
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