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Factors influencing the quality of sleep in children

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  Sleep environment
  Bedroom temperature 20 degrees -25 degrees, humidity 60%-70%, suitable room temperature and humidity on the baby sleep is very important. When the temperature is too high, the baby will be restless; the temperature is too low; the baby will be awakened by the cold; the air is dry; the baby's nasal cavity will become dry and blocked; the air will be moist; the baby will feel sticky and uncomfortable. The most conducive to sleep in children's bedroom, the temperature is 20 ~ 25 degrees, humidity should be maintained at 60% ~ 70%.
  Two, fall asleep time
  9 before the baby's growth hormone in the deep sleep state, one hour after entering the peak secretion, in the night from 10 to 1 a.m. secretion of the most exuberant, if you miss this period of time, baby development may be affected. So the best time to sleep is arranged at 9 in the evening, so that from 10 to 1 in the morning, the baby is in a deep sleep state.
  Three, sleep long
  10 hours, the younger the child, the longer the sleep required. With the baby's growth, sleep time will be shortened, but at least 10 hours of sleep a day should be guaranteed. The sleeping child plays with energy, mood, appetite, and health.
  Four. Sleep preparation
  Reasonable rules of bedtime activities, bedtime intense exercise will lead to the baby's cerebral cortex in a state of excitement, not easy to sleep. Continuous, regular bedtime activities are good for babies to fall asleep. To create a sleeping atmosphere: dimming the lights to give the baby a signal to sleep; the mother can bath, bedtime story, humming songs, etc., help the baby train sleep mood, reduce sleep time.
  Five, sleep equipment
  Dry urine pants, before going to bed for the baby on the Dry Diapers, can let the baby sleep more fragrant. Scientific research shows that the number of babies sleeping at night is two times that of adults, and the number of “active” babies is 10 times as large as that of adults. Baby movements, easy to leak urine, and diapers can let the baby feel dry, avoid leakage of urine discomfort and wake up at night.
  Six, sleep mode
  Sleep alone, sleep alone helps your baby develop independent consciousness. In infancy, the baby can sleep in your little bed in the room, it is best not to sleep in bed with parents, parents with sleep, such as take hold, hug sleep, normal children sleep disturbances; at the same time to let the baby become dependent on, is not conducive to the maintenance of his sleep and sleep.

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