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Diapers always leak urine? Because they didn't wear it, mom, they must see it!

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  Give your baby to wear diapers that all families have been troubled diapers urine leakage, the leakage of urine is really in trouble, not only wet clothing and bedding, baby wearing wet clothing or changing clothes is also easy to catch a cold, then what is the reason for the leakage of urine? Most of the leakage occurred, the mother will complain about diapers there is a problem, then leakage urine is not diapers problem?
  Diapers how to wear, will not leak urine?
  In fact, the current paper technology is relatively mature, in the case of normal use will not leak urine, so if there is a leakage of urine, mothers do not wronged diapers. So what is the cause of leakage?
  The cause of leakage of urine
  1, wearing the wrong way
  Wear diapers, seemingly simple, but if the dress is not standard, incorrect, it will easily leak urine. In terms of clothing, there are several points that treasure mothers need to pay special attention to:
  Before wearing urine pants, take both ends of the urine pants and stretch three or four times, and then hold the elastic waist end, stretch a few times, make the diaper elastic contraction well;
  Both sides have three-dimensional anti leakage side, before the baby to wear to use both sides of the hand blowing, to avoid sticking to the surface layer, reducing the risk of leakage, this step is really very important;
  The wear to let the baby lying down, pay attention to both sides of the Velcro adhesive is symmetrical, and symmetrical, pants to wear it, close, not too loose or too tight;
  The baby will wear thigh fold lap, the hem pulled out, then check out the urine trousers symmetry;
  Do you think it would be too much trouble to wear diapers? Would it take a lot of time? In fact, in accordance with the above methods, as long as skilled master points, the baby wearing diapers, minutes to get it!
  2, the size is not appropriate
  Diaper size inappropriate, it will cause leakage of urine.
  3, urine pants saturation
  Baby urine volume is relatively large, or wear a relatively long time, lead to urine pants saturated, at this time, urine absorption will be relatively poor, prone to leakage of urine, this situation suggested timely replacement urine pants, shorten the wearing time.
  4, baby activity, urine pants become partial asymmetry
  Some babies, especially baby great exercise, pants could wear well, later on the side, this is also prone to leakage of urine, the parents should always pay attention to the baby diaper, if found to have partial phenomenon timely finishing can be corrected effectively avoid.
  5, baby sleep at night, leading to poor flow, the front urine is too much, easy leakage
  Lying asleep at the same time is not conducive to baby development, oppression of the heart, it is recommended that the baby sleep after adjusting the baby's sleeping position.
  Treasure the mother if occasionally occurred urinary leakage, mostly caused by the above first, third, fourth reasons, treasure the mother pay more attention to the future is good, if often leak urine, then we must start from the above aspects, to analyze the reasons, to avoid leakage of urine often occurred.

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