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Do you understand the baby's sleep?

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  4 ways to coax your baby to sleep
  Baby to sleep is every mother essential lesson, but a seemingly simple action, but I do not know, many mothers have been mistaken, today Xiaobian set the baby to sleep and remember all the coup and matters need attention. Mom wants to see it carefully!
  Physical contact, sucking, rhythmic, gentle shaking seem to be the best. Sometimes, some mechanical sound, such as garbage disposal or hair dryer sounds, will help. But be careful not to irritate the baby. In the beginning, a feeling of attracting the baby first, when the baby is sleepy, dim the lights or turn off the lights, do rhythmic movements (rocking, rocking the cradle, driving, walking)。 Doing many things at the same time not only can not relax the baby, but will make the baby more excited.
  Try to keep your movements in tune with your baby. If the baby is anxious, exhausted, weeps, then try gently rubbing his back, or follow the rhythm of his heartbeat, his cheeks gently rub his cheek. If the baby arched his back, don't let cuff and kick, hug you, then try to let him ride on your shoulders, perhaps this will attract his attention, lift the coiled on baby head “spell”. After a while, you will find that you can adapt to the subtle changes in your baby. Here are some common ways to soothe your baby.
  1, suck
  Encouraging your baby to suck can soothe you. Sucking breasts, bottles, pacifiers, fingers and wrists can calm the baby down. In breastfeeding, how do you differentiate between sucking in order to relax and sucking for sucking? If the baby is to relax and suck, suck fast, high frequency, rarely swallow action. In addition, the crying baby to suck up without rhythm, is not stable; on the contrary, a baby sucking sucking, stop, wriggling and turning roll. If the baby is hungry, he will suck rhythmically, while sucking and swallowing.
  Moms just remember this truth: sleep is controlled by the brain, not the stomach. I believe it's more natural to obey the baby's needs. If the baby is tired, let him go to bed. If you're not sure if he's sleepy, ask him to suck his nipple or bottle until he's satisfied. He's either full or asleep.
  2, rhythmic movements
  Rhythmic movements are one of the most important ways to soothe your baby. Put the baby in the cradle, rocking chair, carrying it on your baby carrier, driving the baby out of the car, dancing with your baby, or just walking with your baby. How much effort you need to make while rocking is dependent on your baby's reaction. The gentle rocking can let the baby calm down. Some parents say it's useful to raise your baby and put it down, but be sure to pay attention to it. Perhaps rhythmic movements remind the baby of the day in the womb, so it calms the baby.

  3, baby clothes
  A soft hug or hug gives us a great feeling. Baby wrapped up in a baby's clothes, placed in a child's seat in a car, or in a baby carriage, or hammock, will also bring a good feeling to the baby. This soft package may also bring the baby back to the day before birth. One theory is that regular movements and soft packages can soothe babies because they live before they are born. Compared with other primates, human life is earlier than birth because the pelvis grows narrower in order to resist pressure from above. So human babies are small at birth. If this theory is correct, rhythmic movements and gentle packages will soothe the baby because they partly mimic the environment in which the baby is in the womb, allowing the baby to feel calm.
  4, massage
  Many countries have a tradition of massage for children, and it has a long history. It's not a fashion. Massaging the baby is also good for the parents themselves. While massaging, smiling at the baby, whispering to the baby and humming to the baby. It's relaxing for both the baby and the parents. Dad can't breastfeed the baby, but it can massage the baby. I think it will make dad and the baby more harmonious. You can also apply some essential oils on your baby's skin and massage your baby's muscles. The massage should be done very slowly, and many books and CD can help you massage the baby. Massage is not the baby's baby when crying, but it does soothe the baby. At the same time, it allows you to lay down your work and pay attention to your baby. Massage is different from feeding, changing diapers and taking a bath. Soothing your baby in this way can also bring you inner peace. When the baby cries badly, this calm will help you get through.
  3 dangerous ways to coax your baby to sleep
  Well rested children may be more energetic and prefer to play outdoors instead of lying in bed watching television. While tired children are more irritable, they are more likely to find something to eat. At the same time, adequate sleep can promote the secretion of hormones in regulating appetite and glucose metabolism; lack of sleep can affect carbohydrate metabolism, resulting in impaired glucose tolerance, while the weight was affected by.
  Dangerous practice: shake sleep - why does the child love crying at night?
  The baby crying please try psychotherapy when the baby crying or disturbed sleep, some young mother will the baby in my arms or cradle shaking, baby cry more fierce, mom is shaking violently, until the baby to sleep.
  But this practice is very harmful to the baby, because shaking motion cause the baby brain in the cranial cavity constantly sloshing, the immature brain will collide with the hard skull, caused by cerebral small vessel rupture, causing “minor brain concussion syndrome, cerebral concussion, intracranial hemorrhage.
  Dangerous practice two: accompany sleep - Toys accompany sleep? Not recommend!
  From the birth of a baby, should actively encourage him to sleep alone, and develop habits. Even newborns should not sleep with their mother. Mom, after a little sleep, may be pressed on the baby, causing suffocation death. A survey in the United States confirmed the fact that having babies sleep alone reduces the risk of sudden death by 60%.
  In addition, to accompany her mother to sleep long, there will be a baby ”Oedipus“ psychological, to the kindergarten or primary school age, and mother separation will be very difficult, so the baby after easy to suffer from phobia, school examination catatonia, unfavorable to children's physical and mental development.
  Training children sleep alone, usually from the age of 1, the age of the baby to sleep faster, and has a certain degree of self-awareness. Use these features to encourage the baby to sleep alone, the baby is easier to accept.
  Dangerous practice three: prone to sleep - prone sleep will increase the risk of sudden infant death
  Foreign experts have found that sudden infant death syndrome is related to sleeping posture, especially the downward facing sleep is most dangerous. The reason is that the small baby won't turn over, and can not take the initiative to avoid mouth nose obstacles, so the respiratory tract is blocked, can only be absorbed into the little air and hypoxia; the imperfect development of the digestive organs and, when gastric motility and intragastric pressure increased, the food will reflux, obstruction of the already very narrow the respiratory tract, causing sudden infant death. Many mothers worry that the baby in the sleep accident, often cuddle to sleep. In fact, it just increases the chance of an accident; her sleep to make baby breathe fresh air, inhaled more quilt dirty air, easy to get sick; may develop baby woke up at a bad habit, not easy to form the timing of feeding, appetite and digestive function so as to interfere with the baby; the baby sleep restriction when free, difficult to stretch the body, it will affect the normal blood circulation.

Coax the baby to sleep 9 great trick
Tip 1: suitable sleeping environment
Baby 3 months, has been possible to properly train him to go to bed after eight o'clock in the evening, usually don't make baby play, let the baby to advance into the sleep environment, turn down or turn off the TV, keep quiet, you can put some light music properly, or sing a lullaby to him.
Trick two: distinguish between night and day
With light and sound to promote the formation of the baby's biological clock, through the bright, dark contrast, let the baby learn to distinguish between day and night, awake and sleeping difference. In the morning, when the baby should get up, put the baby in the bright light place. It is best to have plenty of sunshine, give the baby a hug, and wake him up with soft music.
In one or two hours a night before the baby sleep, the indoor lights, when the baby to sleep, turn off all the lights, leaving a night light. Shut the door, don't let the door light or noise in. Curtain should be thick, avoid the window through the light.
Tips: baby, the best choice is blue.
Trick three: deal with small crying at night
The baby woke up, usually when they are humphsquirts whines, mother to ignore him, if he is sleeping in his little bed, you can shake his cradle, try to coax him to sleep, let the baby gradually learn to fight hunger, patience. But once he cries and gets angry, it's very likely that the baby is really hungry and can give him a little milk and then let him sleep. Do not baby, there is a movement to coax, and this will cause the baby's dependence. Proper "hard heart" for the baby to develop good sleeping habits is good.
Trick four: urge the baby regular sleep
Most children sleep well because of bad habits, no biological clock, and naturally no regular sleep. Parents in the baby is small, let the baby form a biological clock, so that the night time sleep sleep, forming a habit. Each baby's sleep habits in addition to nurture, they have their own physical laws, mom and dad to find the child sleep pattern itself, then tailored to the baby's sleep schedule, the baby can be observed at different times after waking sleep, mental state, and then according to the best state to adjust the baby.
Trick five: obedient baby habits, small movements
Coax baby sleep, the key must pay attention to the baby's some habits of small movements. As some babies love holding mother's nipple to fall asleep; some babies love clinging to her mother's hair to fall asleep; some babies to touch my mother's eyes to sleep, some baby with his finger to fall asleep...... Find out the baby sleeping habits, followed by his habits, it is easy to coax him to sleep. Some babies need to find a sense of security before they can fall asleep. Then hold him in your chest, let him lie on his stomach, and then slowly pat him on the back and put him on the bed after he falls asleep.
Trick six: limit playtime
Want the baby to sleep well, during the day can not let him play too crazy, daytime play crazy, he will also want to play in the evening, close to sleep at night, do not have to stroll around. And the baby can play quiet games, appropriate to give him some boxes, such as rattles, rubber toys and other small toys, or listen to soothing music, read children's songs, I feel baby tired, please nurse, he fell asleep smoking smoking.
Trick seven: take a bath and help sleep
Some babies like to sleep after bath. Usually, every night at about the same time, to observe the baby's mental state, if he feels a little tired, can give him a hot bath, directly to hold after washing, give him drink milk, and then turn off the lights in the room, and he was lying in bed, pat his back, baby soon to sleep.
Trick eight: don't nap too long
Baby's nap and the quality of sleep at night has a lot to do with. Night sleep affects napping, too. Napping or sleeping too late is not conducive to a good night's sleep. So the baby's nap should be controlled regularly and regularly, usually at noon or early afternoon. For example, one hour from noon, half an hour to an hour sleep. Of course, the control is not dogmatic, the baby did not sleep on time deviation is not big, is also possible. Develop good sleep habits, but also to observe the state of the baby, if he sleep on time, no fatigue or too excited, then this nap habit is suitable for babies.
Trick nine: follow the bedtime routine every day
Arranging a whole bedtime process is also helpful for the baby's regular sleep habits. Through a stylized bedtime routine, the baby becomes aware that it's time to sleep, and that's a bedtime ritual for him.
The process involves brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering, touching, and wearing pajamas. You can do it for an hour before you go to bed. During this hour, let your baby end up being too excited. Don't meet strangers, keep quiet and dim inside. Give the baby wash finished, he gently to reading and storytelling, also can let him listen to the tape, it can not only promote sleep, is also good for children's mental development. Bedtime is not only a good night for your baby, it's also a bond between mom and dad and your baby.

  New mom: don't sleep the baby like that
  Accompany sleep: from the baby is born, should actively encourage him to sleep alone, and develop habits.
  Even newborns should not sleep with their mother. Long stay with sleep will make the baby there is a “love mother” mentality, to kindergarten or even elementary school age, and mother separation will be very difficult. Cultivate children sleeping habit, from the age of 1, the baby sleep faster, have a certain degree of independent consciousness. Use these features to encourage the baby to sleep alone, the baby is easier to accept.
  Fall asleep: experts have found that sudden infant death syndrome is associated with sleep posture, especially when facing down is most dangerous.
  Because the baby generally will not turn over himself, and can not take the initiative to avoid opening the nose before the obstruction, respiratory obstruction, can only absorb very little air and lack of oxygen. Coupled with the development of digestive organs is not perfect, when the stomach peristalsis and increased gastric pressure, food will flow back, blocking the already very narrow respiratory tract, causing sudden infant death. Therefore, 3 or 4 months before the baby should try to avoid sleeping.
  Shake sleep: in order to let the baby sleep as soon as possible, some parents usually will baby in his arms or into the cradle shake, the baby cry more fierce, shake more fierce, until the baby to sleep.
  This practice for a period of 10 months of the baby is harmful, because shaking motion cause the baby brain in the cranial cavity constantly sloshing, the immature brain will collide with the hard skull, caused by cerebral small vessel rupture, causing minor brain concussion syndrome “”. If the retina in the eye is affected, it can also lead to amblyopia or blindness.
  Bright sleep: babies sleep in an overnight light that can lead to poor sleep, shorter sleep times, and slower development rates.
  Because the baby's nervous system is still in the stage of development, to adapt to the changing environment regulation function is poor, the bedroom lights on all night, change the nature of the human body to adapt to the daylight yean, affect the baby's normal growth and development of The new supersedes the old., harm.
  Baby sleeping taboo
  (1): shake shake sleep because cause the baby brain concussion in the cranial cavity, resulting in small blood vessels of brain surface rupture, epilepsy, mental retardation, mild limb paralysis, severe cases may appear life-threatening brain edema, cerebral hernia.
  (2) accompany sleep: mother after sleep, not pay attention to may suppress baby, cause child suffocation.
  Sleep coup
  (1) pat baby: after the baby has slept, if his mood is still not stable, the mother can hum the nursery rhyme while patting the baby, give him a pleasant mood and absolute security feeling.
  (2) soft music: you can choose some gentle music to help your baby sleep. You know, babies have a natural ear for music!
  (3) sleep with the backlight: the baby adapts to the dark sleeping environment when he is in his mother's belly. So you can let the baby in the direction of the backlight sleep, let him slowly adapt.
  All of the above to coax the baby to sleep, all coup Daquan, mothers must seriously read, the usual mistakes, after reading to correct in time, so that your baby healthy and happy growth. In short, these sleep patterns will have varying degrees of impact on children, parents should pay attention to Oh.

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