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Diaper selection method

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  Diaper rash is because the mixture and cloth diapers urine and stool (diapers or poor quality) inflammation caused by skin irritation and friction, from hip to pubic appear reddish phenomenon, the skin will become rough, even very small acne. Small ass if long prickly heat, but also do not use diapers breathable cloth diapers or poor quality, can also cause diaper rash. Therefore, the selection of good diapers is very important, the following for you to select diapers seven rules:
  Good absorbability
  Fast absorption, can reduce the time of urine and skin contact, naturally reduce the baby diaper rash probability; absorb more, can reduce the frequency of change, less disturb sleep baby.
  Dry and no return
  To choose the dry and no leakage, which can let the baby sleep in wet diaper was not made to sleep, but also reduced the risk of diaper rash opportunities.
  Moisture protection layer
  High quality diapers usually add natural skin care ingredients to the surface of the non-woven fabric, forming a soft layer of emollient ingredients that moisturize the baby's delicate skin.
  Leak proof design
  Choose a diaper that has a leak proof design that prevents the baby's droppings from leaking. At the same time, pay attention to leg is too tight and the leakage proof shield to make the baby uncomfortable.
  Soft texture
  The baby's delicate skin, if the diapers are not soft enough to rub easily with the baby's skin, causing small hips turn red, or even frayed, so texture is also an important aspect of choice.
  Thin breathable
  Baby excretion disorder, which makes it difficult for novice parents to master, so when choosing diapers, but also pay attention to the choice of breathable light diapers.
  Cut fit
  Each baby shape is different, should be selected in line with the baby's own cutting design, such as U type personal design, the mother had better buy a small package, try several times, find the right brand.

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