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How to use diapers

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  For the part of the skin that uses diapers, the healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin soon becomes brittle and prone to diaper rash. In order to minimize the moisture caused by diapers, diapers should be replaced frequently, and the use of absorbent paper diapers. If you use diaper pants for your baby, you should always check and change your diaper.
  Vaseline, Zinc Oxide Ointment or diaper creams also help protect your skin from moisture. Baby powder may make baby's skin feel comfortable, but not the most suitable for babies. Baby powder can reduce the friction between diapers and children's skin in a short time, but once it gets wet (the child will definitely wet it!) It's no use. Your baby may even inhale a lot of powder, which can be very dangerous.
  As children continue to grow, the number of diapers will be gradually reduced, beginning at an average of ten times a day, gradually reduced to six times. Diapers are usually changed before or after each feeding and after each bowel movement. There is before you go to bed when the child was awake when he / she to change diapers. You should also change diapers before you take your child out.
  When changing diapers, you should prepare a clean diaper at hand!
  Diaper ointment or petrolatum
  A soft towel and a small basin of warm water!
  Make sure everything is ready before you start. Never leave the baby alone on the platform!
  Remove the wet diaper first. If it's just wet, change it and don't have to clean the genital area. If the diaper is stained with shit, you should clean the child's buttocks with towels and warm water. There is no need to use soap unless the child has diarrhea and is not clean with water only. If necessary, soft soap (even soft soap will remove essential oils from the child's skin)。 Cover with ointment or vaseline and replace with a clean diaper.
  Special advice for new baby girls:
  Always rub back and forth so that your bowels do not pollute your genitals. Only water is needed to clean this part. In the first few days, it is normal that fluid or even a small amount of blood is expelled from the vagina, as the child is adapting to the fluctuations in his own body after birth.
  Special advice for a new baby boy:
  The same should be rubbed back in the past. If your only child is not circumcised, don't pull the foreskin back. The foreskin gradually relaxes, and by the age of three, it usually shrinks completely. If he is circumcised, he should cover the penis with gauze or an antibiotic ointment to help the wound heal. During the first week, there may be some swelling and yellow scab.

  Use special diapers for the baby at night
  Many medical experts are advising, baby night sleep quality on body growth, bone development, intellectual development and temperament development have a relationship (referring to related child health hospital of Shaanxi Province, in) 10 pm to 2 points is the most gold time long baby body, suggesting that young mothers should pay enough attention to the baby's sleep quality.
  The quality of the baby's sleep has a lot to do with feeding tests
  Some mothers worry that the baby will be hungry at night, the baby will wake up in the middle of the night, and breastfeeding, and in the course of time, the baby has formed a habit of feeding at night, once the night hungry will cry up, and this will seriously affect the baby's sleep quality.
  The quality of the baby's sleep is related to the way it is nurtured
  Because many mothers worry baby night urine, many baby artificially disturb the baby sleep, on the one hand, even if the baby did not wet, also can let the baby wake up, on the other hand, changing diapers, can let the baby more fully awakened, will directly affect the baby's sleep quality, caused by the frequent nocturnal mother baby check urine the fundamental reason is that cannot absorb wet diapers and baby urine repeatedly, buttocks long time contact with the urine will suffer germs.
  Special for baby night use diapers meet the requirements:
  To have instantaneous absorption, diversion, sub absorption technology, can absorb the baby's urine and urine volume (baby 1 years old, one night wet urine frequency is usually 3-4 times, and the total amount is generally not more than 300ml)
  To have antimicrobial effect, because the baby urine in warm and wet environment, and it is easy to combine with the oxygen in the air and bacteria, bacteria will be against the baby, especially female baby, because female baby diapers, the vagina is most sensitive (no inhibitory effect of the proposed change once every 3 hours, and diapers have antibacterial effect can be a night for a time, generally not more than 12 hours)
  It's better to have an elastic waistline, so it's closer. No diaper elastic waist, probably because the baby urine wet, wet and heavy parts of the baby sleep at night and the characteristics of turning over, it is easy to move and easy to tighten their ass can follow (Le bad) baby thighs, elastic waist preferably with air holes, which can discharge hot
  There should be leakproof hem, so it won't do, baby pee on the bed
  It is best to ventilate the base film, so that it is breathable and impermeable, and the baby's bottom is dry and comfortable
  It's best to feel soft and comfortable, and some diapers have a hard piece (probably a bibulous macromolecule), and the baby will be uncomfortable all night
  It is better to absorb not to fault, once the fault, it is easy to overflow polymer, and sensitive skin and into the polymer, it is easy to allergies
  It is worth noting that the gas generated by diapers affects the environment and health and stimulates the baby's eyes and respiratory tract.

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